for Dirty New Media artists ( chicago && elsewhere ) a a lot of things, for some a private studio && for others a performative tool ( though these are not mutually exclusive ). [VP.N] is custom software + a site specific installation which brings together artists from Chicago’s experimental new-media community ( many of which no longer physically reside in the city ) for one day in a virtual desktop chat-room to play + experiment + perform + [screen]share. the artists collaborative desktop conversation will exist simultaneously online on the artist’s networked computers as well as physically in the exhibition piped into a collection of locally sourced CRT monitors.

VirtualPublic.Network was developed + organized by Branger_Briz in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago for Museums and the Web 2015 conference.

VP.N applicaton

an artist ( jon.satrom ) in the wild, connected to the other artists && being transmitted into the installation in realtime via the VP.N application

music by violet systems

source code available on github